What is it?

The Bowen Technique is a unique therapy that encourages the bodyís own healing properties. It is not massage, but a gentle rolling type movement over specific points on the body with rests between each stage.

Bowen is a "new" therapy that was developed in Australia in the 1950ís and was brought to the UK in 1986.

How does it work?

There has as yet been little research into how it actually works but one theory is that it works on the "Muscle / Fascia relationship".

Fascia covers every structure of the body allowing flexibility and movement between areas. Fascia maintains our posture.

It is believed that Bowen stimulates stretch receptors in the muscle and tendons which sends a message via the fascia and nerves to the spinal cord and then the brain about the status of the muscle. A message is then returned to the muscle and the healing process can begin.

Bowen also creates a tiny electrical impulse by causing a stretch on the fascia which it is believed results in a powerful healing effect.

Bowen moves are made at key areas of the body that the brain uses to assess posture.

Important points about a Bowen treatment?

Relaxation during a treatment is beneficial but not essential, so lying down is the ideal way of performing Bowen but it can be adapted to cater for everyone.

Bowen can be performed through light clothing and is not painful. Bowen is completely safe during pregnancy and for all ages.

Sessions last 30-45 mins and 3 sessions 7-10 days apart is the recommended treatment although some chronic conditions may require further.

No other physical therapy such as massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic should be taken for a week either side of Bowen and it is advised not to use heat or ice pads for 24 hours following treatment.

Our bodies consist of 75% water and the muscles and fascia are particularly susceptible to being dry (dehydrated). So I also advise clients to try to drink extra water following treatment. This also helps to remove any toxins and waste products from the body. can give you more information.

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