Remedial/Holistic Massage

The primary aim of remedial massage is to identify and treat the source of a disorder, not only the accompanying symptoms.
Remedial massage is the massage and manipulation of the soft tissue of the body such as muscles, ligaments and tendons which can become damaged or impaired, knotted, tense or immobile. Various massage movements are used to promote circulation, increase blood supply and break down fibrous areas which may have formed in muscle, thereby alleviating pain and discomfort and encouraging the body's own repair mechanisms. The targeted muscles associated with the disorder are deeply penetrated through massage and passive stretching techniques are also employed. This healing treatment may be gentle or strong, deep or shallow.

                             60 mins     30.00
                             45 mins     25.00
                             30 mins     20.00

G5 Mechanical Massage

G5 Massage is a mechanical massager that goes much deeper than the therapist can. Different heads are used to mimic different massage techniques.
Massage with this type of appliance is much heavier work on large and bulky areas of the body. The massage head is driven to turn in gyratory motions, moving round and round, up and down and side to side with pressure, providing a deep massage.

G5 Massage Machines are designed to provide the full benefits of Sports Massage.
G5 Massage can be combined with Classical Massage, so that you get the best possible treatment.


              60 mins    30.00

              45 mins    25.00

              30 mins     20.00

What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage is a relaxing treatment which, as the name suggests, concentrates on massaging the head. Head and scalp massage can be used alongside simple meditative techniques to provide a simple and effective way to relax.

A Brief History of Indian Head Massage

The Hindi word for head massage is "Champi" and aspects of the treatment have a long tradition in Indian families. Mothers would stroke their daughter's hair to promote its growth and health.

Narendra Mehta - blind from the age of one - grew up in India and head massage was an integral part of his life. He came to England in the 1970s to train as a physical therapist and in 1978 returned to India to study the benefits and practice of champissage, extending it to include neck, shoulders and face. On his return to England, he developed a sequence of movements. There is no right or wrong way and sequence of movements vary from one therapist to another.

How does Indian Head Massage work?

The treatments involve massage, shiatsu and acupressure techniques on upper back, shoulders, arms/hands, neck, scalp and face. This relaxes tense areas but, at the same time, helps to rebalance the energy, clearing any areas of negativity.

What is Indian Head Massage used for?

Indian Head massage may bring about:

  •   General feeling of wellbeing, calmness and relaxation
  •   Higher levels of alertness and concentration

What a typical Session entails

The lovely thing about this treatment is that it can be done anywhere - only requiring a chair - making it an ideal treatment for the corporate environment. The client remains fully clothed whilst the treatment is performed and just takes advantage of a little "time to themselves".

Prices        30 mins    20.00


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