Chiropody, or as it is becoming known Podiatry, is that branch of medicine that provides diagnosis and treatment for all common foot ailments.

As well as the surgery in Shepperton, we practice at The Kent Clinic in Molesey. We are also the visiting chiropodists at The Greeno Senior Citizens Day Centre and The Bradbury Centre Nursing Home in Shepperton, Willow Mead Nursing Home in Molesey, Burnham House Nursing Home, Vicarage Farm Nursing Home in Hounslow, Moor House Nursing Home in Staines and Whitegates Nursing Home in Laleham. We also visit a number of ‘care in the community’ homes for those with learning difficulties. We provide a visiting service for those who are unable to attend the clinic.


Some of the most common conditions we see regularly include

*Corns & Callouses
Usually caused by pressure and friction on heels, tops of toes and balls of feet. Corns can be hard and cause piercing pain. Soft rubbery corns occur between the toes. Callouses are less well defined, yellowy and give a burning sensation. Do not snip at them with scissors or a razor as this can lead to infection. We can usually provide immediate relief from these debilitating conditions.

These are warts occurring mainly on the sole of the foot and forced into the foot because of pressure from the body weight. They are caused by a virus which enters through damaged skin and are easily passed on. We can treat these lesions using Cryosurgery (Freezing) if indicated.

*Thickened fungal nails

These are caused by a fungus invading the nail through damage, leading to a thickening of the nail. This can become extremely uncomfortable and can be thinned  and treated by topical, and where indicated by systemic, medicaments.

*Ingrowing toenails

An ingrowing toenail is one that pierces the flesh of the toe. It can feel as if you have a splinter down the side and can be very painful. In more severe cases, it can become infected causing pus to form, or bleed. Although they are more commonly found in the big toenail, they can occur in any toe.We can perform minor nail surgery using a local anaesthetic on site and at a time to suit.

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Professional Service At Affordable Prices

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