All our therapists are fully qualified in their specialities, registered with their relevant professional bodies and carry professional insurance.

Rod Littlewood MChS
Kevin Thomas BSc. (Hons) MChS, ITEC, MCThA
Joy Wilson MSSCh, MBChA

Our chiropodists/podiatrists are fully qualified and registered with the Health & Care Professions Council. (Registration is mandatory in order to call themselves chiropodists or podiatrists)

Rob Simmons BSc.,Ost.Med, Dip.Ost.Med, Cert Ed, S.A.C Dip NCFE level 5, MGosC, MASGBI

Our osteopath diagnoses and treats problems with muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints to help the body's natural healing ability

Massage Therapist

Carole Armstrong, RGN, ITEC, MCThA, MDYTA, MBTER

Our massage therapist is medically qualified. As a nurse she is very experienced in taking and interpreting full medical histories. This is so important in recognising potential problems presented by other underlying conditions.
Our therapist specialises only in massage therapy and provides a range of different massage techniques in order to treat a wide range of conditions.
When seeking a massage therapist always look for someone who is medically trained, for example with RGN after their names.

Carole Armstrong is also an accredited reflexology tutor

Beauty Therapy
Daniela Walker BSD, IHBC, MGPBT

Our Beauty Therapist is registered with the Beauty Guild and has been for the last 10 years.

Professional Service at Affordable Prices

Serving Shepperton (TW17), Sunbury (TW16), Ashford (TW15), Staines (TW18) and Chertsey (KT16)



Professional Service At Affordable Prices

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